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This month in email: September 2013

Looking back through the month of September there were a couple things talked about on the blog. Legal cases discussed I wrote quite a bit about the Google wiretapping case. In this potential class action suit, a number of plaintiffs are suing Google for intercepting emails in violation of the federal wiretapping statutes and state wiretapping […]

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Patent trolling, meet RPost

Yesterday I mentioned Ubicomm and their patent trolling based on an ancient Xerox patent they acquired earlier this year. I think the mere fact that Xerox sold the patent says all we need to know about how applicable it is. The other patent troll in the email space right now is RPost. Steve did a […]

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Patent trolling

I’ve recently become aware of activity from a couple patent trolls in the email space. One is UbiCommLLC. They appear to be suing the Internet for violating a patent they acquired from Xerox. The lawsuit claim is that shopping cart abandonment emails violate a patent they own. I did a little reading on this recently. […]

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RPost – email and patents

Who are Rpost? Rpost are an email service provider of sorts. You may not have heard of them, as they focus on a fairly niche market – electronic contract and document delivery. Their main services are “Registered Email” – which provides the sender of the message with proof that the recipient has read the message, […]


Patenting whitelisting, then suing people who use it

Thanks to Ken for pointing this one out. A number of companies, including Surewest, AT&T, Cisco and Comcast are being sued by a company called BuyerLeverage for violating a pair of patents because they’re using Return Path as part of their mail filtering decisions. I pulled the docs (1-11-cv-00645-LPS). The patents all seem to center […]


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