Delivery Monitor Closing Down

Delivery Monitor by Aweber is one of the inbox monitoring services available for senders. Aweber has been in the process of winding down Delivery Monitor for the last few months and they will be turning the service off completely tomorrow. A lot of folks have asked me about replacements for Delivery Monitor. There are, of course, Return Path and Pivotal Veracity, but many of the smaller mailers I...

Links for 1/15/10

A lot has happened this week. Spammers and scammers are attempting to steal money from people attempting to donate money to those in earthquake devastated Haiti. A number of places, including CNN and CAUCE, are warning people who want to donate online to do so through trustworthy links. Don’t click on links in unsolicited emails nor on random websites. AOL laid off most of their postmaster...

ReturnPath customers?

Someone posted the following question about ReturnPath in the comments:
Does anyone have any reports or links as to whether Return Path are worth the thousands p.a that they charge?
I don’t have any reports or links handy. Anyone have any?
Also, what about competing services like Goodmail and PivotalVeracity?
Have a great weekend all.

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