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January 2016: The Month in Email

Happy 2016! We started off the year with a few different “predictions” posts. As always, I don’t expect to be right about everything, but it’s a useful exercise for us to look forward and think about where things are headed. I joined nine other email experts for a Sparkpost webinar on 2016 predictions, which was a lot of fun (see my wrap up post here), and then I wrote a long post about security...

Port25 blocking

A number of hosting providers are blocking outgoing port25. This has implications for a lot of smaller senders who either want to run their own mail server or who use SMTP to send mail to their ESP. What is port25 Port25 is the designated email sending channel. Much like websites are on port80 (or 8080) and DNS is on port53, email is sent over port25. Mostly. Why block Port25 Port25 blocking is a...

Comcast blocking outgoing port 25

Comcast announced today they’re blocking outbound port 25 for their residential customers. What does this mean for email marketers? Not much, unless your home connectivity is through Comcast and then you’ll just need to follow Comcast’s directions in order to send mail. What does it mean for email receivers? It means a lot of us will be seeing a lot less spam from infected...

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