When Asking a Question

A lot of beginner questions about email delivery aren’t about broad strategies for success, or technical details about authentication, or concerns about address acquisition. They’re something like: My mail to $ISP is being blocked. How do I contact someone there? Asking a question to your peers about how to deal with a concrete problem you’re having is a great thing to do...

Got questions?

With my travel / vacation in October, blogging has been light the last few weeks, including a brief hiatus of our Ask Laura series. I’m working hard for the next few editions of Ask Laura and will get those posts out soon. We’ve been getting questions from readers for a while, but I want to encourage folks to contact us with more. What are your questions about email? Got a problem...

Questions about Spamhaus

I have gotten a lot of questions about Spamhaus since I’ve been talking about them on the blog and on various mailing lists. Those questions can be condensed and summed up into a single thought. What engagement metrics should I monitor to avoid a Spamhaus listing? First off Spamhaus doesn’t care about about engagement. Spamhaus wants you to stop mailing people who never asked to...

Looking for questions

After a brief hiatus, I’d like to bring back the Wednesday question series. I have a few questions from before the hiatus that I’ll be answering over the next few weeks. But I’d like a few more to answer.
So bring on your questions. Send them to me at Jan15@contact.wordtothewise.com, tweet them to me @wise_laura or drop them here in the comments.

Thanks for your questions!

Thanks, everyone, who submitted questions to laura-questions@wordtothewise.com. We’ve gotten some great questions to answer here on the blog. I’m working through the emails and contacting folks if I have questions. I’ll be answering the first question on Wednesday. I also did have someone harvest the address off the website and send me non-CAN SPAM compliant spam to it. I have...

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