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Why do my URLs have two dots?

You take a turn, I take a turn At the SMTP level email is very much a simple line-by-line text based protocol. The client sends a command on a single line, the server responds with one or more lines (the last one marked by having a space in the fourth column), and then the client sends another command. The main exception to that is when the client sends the payload of the email. Once the server...


I just added a DMARC validation tool over on tools.wordtothewise.com. You can give it a domain – such as ebay.com – and it will fetch the DMARC record, then explain and validate it. Or you can paste the DMARC record you’re planning to publish into it,  to validate it before you go live. If you’ve not seen our tools page before, take a look. As well as DMARC we have a DKIM...

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