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Improving Outlook Email Display

Today Litmus announced they had partnered with Microsoft to fix many of the rendering issues with Outlook. Congrats, Litmus! This is awesome. I know a lot of folks have tried to get MS to the table to fix some of the problems with Outlook. Take a bow for getting this off the ground. According to Litmus, […]

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Know your target audience…

… and the device they’re probably going to read your email on. @lauter from MailChimp points and laughs at an advertising email from Blackberry-the-company that’s completely unreadable when read on Blackberry-the-device. That’s really bad marketing on a bunch of different levels.

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Gmail rendering problem workaround

Gmail recently changed some of the rendering of emails on their website, breaking a lot of email layouts in the process. Numerous places have published workarounds including The Email Guide and Return Path.

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