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Vodafone New Zealand: sorta shutting down

Vodafone NZ is shutting down mail handling for the following domains as of today, Nov 30, 2017. clear.net.nz es.co.nz ihug.co.nz paradise.net.nz pcconnect.co.nz quik.co.nz vodafone.co.nz vodafone.net.nz wave.co.nz According to their website, this is primarily  due to an elderly platform that’s not meeting the needs of their users, including long mail delays and too much spam. The FAQ they...

Three things marketers should do when domains are retired

A few weeks ago I was alerted to a domain change for INGDirect. The ingdirect.com domain is being retired and all users are migrating to the capitalone.com domain. As part of this change usernames are NOT being transferred, so if you have @ingdirect.com addresses on any B2B mailing list, you will need to drop those addresses and find the new contact information for the subscriber. What should...

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