RoadRunner FBL goes kaput

Road Runner is no longer providing a FBL starting today. Earlier this morning a couple ESPs were reporting a decrease in FBL messages from the RR FBL. A few hours later, a senior technical account manager confirmed on mailop that the FBL was ending today. While the announcement says that folks can expect reports to trickle, at least one ESP has reported zero reports today. we usually get 400-600...

RoadRunner FBL live

RoadRunner sent out email today announcing their new FBL is live.
The URL for our new Feedback Loop enrollment page is here:

If you are presently enrolled in our legacy Feedback Loop, you must still apply for enrollment in our new Feedback Loop. We will not be migrating existing enrollments.
Our legacy Feedback Loop will cease operations on April 30, 2009.

FBL updates

Roadrunner shifted the release date for their new FBL to December 14th.
Despite rumors, the Yahoo FBL is not actually accepting new participants.

RoadRunner FBL changes

RoadRunner announced changes to their FBL this morning. Everyone who is currently getting a FBL should have received an email. Important dates to remember include the following. August 28: Existing RR FBL will be frozen. No changes to existing loops will be accepted and no new FBL applications will be processed. All current FBLs will continue to work. November 17 (tentative): The new FBL will go...

Roadrunner turns images off by default

Earlier this week DirectMag published an article talking about RoadRunner blocking images by default. I did talk to someone over at RoadRunner and found out a few more details about this change. What is happening is that RR is rolling out a new web interface. This interface has both a bulk/spam filter and has images disabled by default. I do not expect sender to notice this change in the open...

Changes at RoadRunner

I’ve been hearing rumors that some *.rr.com domains have been bouncing all mail sent to them. Those domains belong to customers that were moved to Comcast as part of the RoadRunner / Comcast / Adelphia purchase and customer swap. As a courtesy, RoadRunner forwarded mail to comcast for those former RoadRunner customers, but have ceased to do so. Mail to any address in the following *.rr.com...

ISP Postmaster sites

A number of ISPs have email information and postmaster sites available. I found myself compiling a list of them for a client today and thought that I would put up a list here.


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