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Malicious email terms defined.

Legitimate mailers need to distinguish themselves from spammers. One important piece of that is knowing what spammers do. SendGrid has put together some information on common scams and techniques spammers use to get email delivered. Some of these terms, like doxxing and swatting, are not specifically email related. However, they are used against people who […]

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Spammers already abusing Vine

Spammers have already figured out how to abuse the new twitter video service (VINE) to make money. I wish I could say I was surprised, but spammers (and scammers) are some of the earliest adopters of technology out there. They adopt it and try to extract as much money as possible before the property owners […]

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Important notification spammers break the law

I’m currently being inundated at multiple address with spam advertising spamming services. Most of these notices have the subject line: IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION. The text includes: E-mail newsletters, opt-in e-mail campaigns, e-zines, and other forms of responsible e-mail marketing are the norm for larger Internet businesses – why not yours? Click Here  to Find Out More […]

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