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SORBS – back soon

If you’ve tried to get an address delisted from SORBS this week you’ll have found that their site is degraded, and there’s no way to request delisting. They’ve been dealing with some very nasty database / hardware problems and while they’re fixing those the externally visible SORBS services are running in a read-only mode (where […]


Blocklist changes

Late last year we wrote about the many problems with SORBS. One of the results of that series of posts was a discussion between a lot of industry professionals and GFI executives. A number of problems were identified with SORBS, some that we didn’t mention on the blog. There was an open and free discussion […]

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SORBS Progress

A little bird tells me that GFI have resolved their primary blocking issue on SORBS problems. If all goes well I’d expect their infrastructure and policies to improve significantly over the next few months. We’ll wait and see whether the data quality begins to improve after that.

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Office cat says

All work and no cat petting makes for a very cranky, and in the way, cat. Return Path has turned our recent series of blog posts about SORBS into a handy list for what people SHOULD do when they’re intending to run a blocklist. More regular posting will return next week.

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GFI/SORBS – should I use them?