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CRTC fines individual for company violations under CASL

The Commission finds that nCrowd, Inc. committed one violation of paragraph 6(1)(a) and one violation of paragraph 6(2)(c) of Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (the Act) in relation to commercial electronic messages sent to recipients in Canada. The Commission also finds that Brian Conley is liable, under section 31 of the Act, for those violations. Accordingly, the Commission imposes an...

Having the same conversation

This morning I was reading a blog post about the failure of the congressional super committee. The author commented parties can’t reach an agreement if they’re not even having the same conversation. I realized this is just as true in email as it is in politics. All too often we’re not having the same conversation. Look at the comments thread on my spamtraps post. Steve Henderson and I...

ISPs may face blocking challenges

Eric Goldman wrote an article about a Comcast subscriber suing a number of companies (including Comcast and Microsoft and TRUSTe) for blocking mail. As part of the judge’s decision he rules that the ISPs that blocked the plaintiff’s email are not protected under 47 USC 230(c)(2). the court reaches a decidedly defendant-unfriendly conclusion by rejecting Comcast’s, Cisco’s...

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