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Getting spamcop summary reports

1) Create a spamcop account at , once you get your password mailed to you, login to the account. 2) Request reports by clicking on “request reports” . Spamcop takes most formats of IP addresses that people normally use. 3) Reports will come in aggregate and look like:  IP_Address Start/Length Trap User Mole Simp Comments RDNS Oct 16 18h/20   51    0    0    0 delisted...

Fixing high complaint rates and improving reputation

Why do recipients complain about my email? This question is asked over and over again and there is no one answer. There are a number of reasons and all of them interact with one another. What factors have recipients mentioned? High frequency – mail that is too frequent can annoy recipients and they’ll hit this is spam Low frequency – mail that is too infrequent may be unfamiliar...

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