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Filtering by gestalt

One of those $5.00 words I learned in the lab was gestalt. We were studying fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) and, at the time, there were no consistent measurements or numbers that would drive a diagnosis of FAS. Diagnosis was by gestalt – that is by the patient looking like someone who had FAS. It’s a […]

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Content, trigger words and subject lines

There’s been quite a bit of traffic on twitter this afternoon about a recent blog post by Hubspot identifying trigger words senders should avoid in an email subject line. A number of email experts are assuring the world that content doesn’t matter and are arguing on twitter and in the post comments that no one […]


The cult of SPF lives

Years ago, prior to the public discussions of Domain Keys, there was SPF as the solution to all our email authentication problems. SPF was going to let people do all sorts of things with email. The proponents even privately asserted that it would solve the spam problem. In essence, SPF was a cult. BoF sessions […]


SpamAssassin Problems

The default SpamAssassin configuration considers any date far in the future to be extremely suspicious, which is pretty reasonable. However, as @schampeo points out, it also seems to consider any date later than 2009 to be “far in the future”. That means that until the SpamAssassin folks roll out a fix, and that gets deployed […]


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