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Ask Laura: Should we allow tagged addresses?

Hi Laura, First of all, I’d like to thank you for the amazing blog. It helps me a lot and I have much fun to read it. Now I have a question to the google alias addresses. As you must have known, Google offers alias addresses and you can put any thing between the local […]

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Disposable addresses

Both Steve and I have blogged about how we use tagged addresses to monitor and manage our incoming mail. This is not something unique to our system, but rather a feature that’s existed in many mail systems for a long time. Many unix systems support tagged addresses out of the box, but there are also […]


Happy Sweet 16, Yahoo.

Yahoo mail turns 16 today, and in celebration Yahoo is giving all their mail users presents. A new interface, with mail threading. 1 TB of storage. New actions on hover, including deleting and searching. Disposable addresses for all. Pretty photos from flickr. The screenshots of the new interface look modern and useable. We’ll see how […]


How do I know you're spamming?

There are a number of reasons I know that mail coming into my mailbox is spam. I get 15 copies. There are a lot of spammers out there who buy and scrape addresses and don’t do even the simplest of de-duping. Send multiple copies to a single address, you’re probably spamming. I get mail to […]


Tagged Email Addresses

Sept 17, 2019: Shutting down comments on this post because we cannot help you recover any email account and I am concerned about the number of people who are providing PII (including phone numbers, credit card numbers!!! and email addresses) in the comments.  A tagged email address is any email address that provides some additional information to the recipient when […]

20 Comments's newest trick

I signed up a disposable address at last summer, to see how their signup process went and how aggressive they were at marketing. They mailed me maybe a dozen times over the course of a month and then the mail stopped. Until today. Today I got two messages from, one from Sophia C […]

4 Comments and the courts

I’ve seen multiple reports of and their interactions on various sides of the courtroom aisle. On the good side, won a judgment against a spammer sending spam to users. (Tagged has a post on their blog about the win, but the direct link to that article doesn’t work). On the minus side, […]

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