Mailbox providers

The other day I tweeted that I often used the term “receivers” to describe receiving MTAs. Whenever I use the term “receivers” to discuss email filters, I think of JD and Madkins telling me that receivers send mail, too. And they do. But I haven’t found a better term for “groups that receive and filter lots of mail.” #deliverability #emailgeek — Laura Atkins (@wise_laura)...

Best practices: a meaningless term

Chad White wrote an article for MediaPost about best practices which parallels a lot of thinking I’ve been doing about how the email marketing industry treats best practices. After several conversations recently about “best practices,” I’m convinced that the term is now meaningless. It’s been bastardized in the same way that the definition of “spam” has...

Spam isn't a best practice

I’m hearing a lot of claims about best practices recently and I’m wondering what people really mean by the term. All too often people tell me that they comply with “all best practices” followed by a list of things they do that are clearly not best practices. Some of those folks are clients or sales prospects but some of them are actually industry colleagues that have...

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