New Delivery tools

A couple nifty new delivery tools were published over the weekend. Mickey published Bounce P.I. where senders can paste in an error message or bounce and it will tell you what filter generated it. If the rejection is unrecognized, it will flag the message internally and it will be researched to see if the filter can be identified. Steve has a new tool at the DKIMCore site. The key generating tool...

AOL converting all FBLs to ARF

AOL announced today that they are phasing out non-ARF feedback loops. As of September 2, 2008, no new non-ARF feedback loops will be created and all existing non-ARF feedback loops will be converted to ARF. What is ARF? ARF stands for Abuse Reporting Format. It is a standardized format intended to make processing of automated abuse reports (or feedback loop reports) easier. Word to the Wise has...

Email standards at the email client

The Email Standards Project launched last week. This group is looking to lobby and encourage companies to make their email clients comply with HTML display standards. They are also identifying how different clients display email with HTML. Check out their website, and see what they’re doing. I do apologize for the light blogging recently. I have a couple big deadlines on my plate. I hope to...

Slow Server

Sorry about the slowness, this server is the same one that is hosting thewholeinternet.wordtothewise.com and it got posted to digg today.
If the traffic storm keeps up for more than a day or two we’ll make other arrangements for the blog.

Tools for monitoring email

A number of groups provide tools for monitoring email performance. Some of these tools are provided by ISPs, like Hotmail and AOL have postmaster webpages. Hotmail also provides things like SNDS so you can monitor what Hotmail is seeing about your network. Al has a new blacklist stats center over at DNSBL.com. Of interest is the accuracy of some of the widely used lists like Spamhaus, Spamcop...

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