Maybe they're just not that into you?

In April of last year I created a new twitter account. I can’t remember exactly why, but it was a throwaway created to look at some aspect of how twitter interacts with new accounts. As part of the account creation process I gave Twitter an email address. They sent me a confirmation message right away: I didn’t click the button. Four months later they sent me another confirmation...

Outreach or spam?

This showed up in my mailbox earlier today: The tweet in question From Crunchbase: “Pluck is an email prospecting tool that gives you the email addresses of the people tweeting about subjects related to your business.” Prospecting: another name for spamming. Look, I know that you want to sell you’re newest, greatest product to the world. But just because I tweet something with a...

Think before scheduling tweets

My twitter feeds exploded with discussion and comments and retweets about the explosions in Boston this afternoon. One of my friends even commented, “It’s days like today when you can tell who is scheduling tweets.” If you are scheduling tweets it’s really important to have someone around to monitor local, national or international events and stop those tweets before your...


Saw this on twitter today:
Oh, the irony of an append vendor using COI for a whitepaper download.
No, I don’t know the vendor. But it doesn’t really matter. A lot of the vendors don’t have very good data.

Social marketing

I don’t follow many brands on twitter or facebook. Those that I do are local businesses we actually shop at. It’s been interesting watching these local groups use the social networks to market. One is The Milk Pail Market in Mountain View. They have a reasonably active Facebook page. How have they been using social marketing? Announcing specials “from now ’till close, come...


Yes, I finally succumbed to peer pressure and started twittering as wise_laura. Stop on by and introduce yourselves.

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