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Does mail volume contribute to blocking?

There are two extreme opinions I see among marketing agencies and email senders when it comes to volume. One group seems to think that volume alone triggers blocks. Another group thinks volume never affects delivery. As with many things in delivery reality is at neither extreme. Sending lots of mail isn’t the problem. Sending lots of mail your recipients aren’t interested in getting is the...

The perfect email

Email is a fluid and ever changing landscape of things to do and not do. Over the years my clients have frequently asked me to look at their technical setup and make sure that how they send mail complies with best practices. Previously, this was a good way to improve delivery. Spamware was pretty sloppy and blocking for somewhat minor technical problems was a great way to block a lot of spam...

The secret to fixing delivery problems

There is a persistent belief among some senders that the technical part of sending email is the most important part of delivery. They think that by tweaking things around the edges, like changing their rate limiting and refining bounce handling, their email will magically end up in the inbox. This is a gross misunderstanding of the reasons for bulk foldering and blocking by the ISPs. Yes...

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