The only mail handling and tracking solution designed from the ground up to handle the specific needs of an abuse desk.

Abacus is designed to handle all your abuse and security inbound email, including abuse reports and feedback loop management.

Most ticketing systems manage tickets on a per-person basis, where each ticket represents a customer or prospect and tickets are primarily associated with that person’s email address. This works well for most kinds of customer service, but abuse and security desks work very differently. Events on the system may affect hundreds or thousands of customers, and the messages need to be handled not on a per-person basis, but on a per-event basis. Abacus is designed to look at what the message is about, not who the message is from.

With the Abacus “Master Ticket”, all messages about a single abuse incident (security breach, spam run, open relay) can be grouped together. Instead of having hundreds or thousands of individual emails, you have a single ticket. All interaction with the customer is managed in the master ticket. Individual emails can be closed, or responded to individually or in bulk.

Abacus also automates much of the “busy work” associated with abuse handling, such as DNS lookups (A, MX and NS records) and log queries. Abacus identifies which IP, domain or URL in a message is associated with your network, so users have visual indication of the relevant IPs or domains. This means that messages can be handled much, much faster, freeing up resources to address the underlying issues.


  • Optimized for high-volume performance and scalability
  • Powerful routing language for automated ticket handling
  • Automatic processing of FBL email
  • Customizable automated trigger actions
  • Client-server architecture for increased speed and efficiency; optional hosted version available
  • Import and export directly between Abacus and your existing customer databases
  • Robust search capabilities enable easy data retrieval for important incidents
  • Customizable user interface, script functionality, and automated rule processing
  • Flexible and powerful reporting engine to generate reports within Abacus or your existing reporting tools

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