Deliverability Specialist


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Location: Remote
Time zone: US
Job type: Contract, Part Time
Schedule: Flexible

About this role
The Deliverability Specialist will assist WttW principal Laura Atkins with account and project management for consulting engagements. This role performs technical investigations into client email systems, reviews messages sent by clients, and makes recommendations based on analysis of the client’s email programs. The Deliverability Specialist may also contribute to the company blog and other publications.
This is a remote position. External communication with clients will be primarily via telephone and email. Internal communication with colleagues will typically be via email, IRC or HipChat.
The Specialist will work closely with WttW principal Laura Atkins. It is expected that the Specialist will set clear expectations around timelines and task progress/completion, and manage deadlines skillfully.
Schedule Requirements
Flexible. Expect to work 25-30 hours a week, including calls scheduled with clients during normal business hours, Monday-Friday.
Key Responsibilities

  • Collecting data from customers related to email delivery.
  • Reviewing data and conducting email delivery analysis.
  • Educating clients about best practices related to email sending, address collection, list management, and other email program issues.
  • Making clear recommendations and explaining potential risks to clients to help them achieve business goals while maximizing deliverability.
  • Generating and reviewing reports related to deliverability-focused metrics such as bounce rates, open rates, complaints, etc.
  • Investigating and addressing email delivery problems by engaging directly with relevant ISP abuse desks, email blacklists, and anti-spam technology providers.
  • Contributing to the enhancement of internal WttW processes and knowledge systems.
  • Participating in industry discussions and staying current on trends, policies and regulatory issues in the email landscape.


  • Excellent written and verbal English communication skills, client-facing consulting skills, analytical and problem solving skills, with a strong attention to detail
  • Excellent project management skills, with an emphasis on self-motivation and follow-through
  • Ability to juggle multiple projects and clients as well as communicate clearly about deadlines and workload
  • Ability to do independent research online and apply findings to client work

Preferred Skills

  • A basic understanding of email end-to-end delivery including IP addresses, DNS, SMTP, authentication and email headers
  • Understanding of best practices for sending bulk email
  • Experience with outbound or inbound email deliverability
  • ISP Relations, FBL signups, whitelisting, email block resolution
  • Email filtering and blocklisting polices at ISPs, filtering companies and blocklists
  • Data analysis and presentation
  • Experience with Word/Pages and Excel/Numbers

Interested? Here’s how to apply
Email résumé as a PDF or plain text attachment

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