Expert resolution to delivery challenges


Deliverability, strategy, and tools for effective abuse desk management are among the biggest challenges for email program administrators.
Whether you’re in crisis mode or planning mode, Word to the Wise can help guide you in using email more effectively to communicate with customers and prospects.
At the most basic level, we know how to get email into the inbox. This comes from years of on-the-ground experience with email senders, internet and email service providers, and email policy working groups. Some of the specific things we can help you with include:

  • Getting unblocked from key blocklists
  • Technical configuration for things like DNS and rDNS setup, SMTP compliance, Authentication (SPF, DKIM)
  • FBL setup and handling: signing up and processing complaints
  • Data hygiene best practices for recovery after being blocked
  • Whitelisting procedures and assistance
  • Filtering explanations and guidelines
  • Spamhaus delisting

Learn more about our delivery consulting, our strategy services for establishing or optimizing your email programs, and the tools we offer for email systems administrators.

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