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Earthlink handles mail for the, and domains. They were one of the primary dialup ISPs in the early days of the Internet. They have since fallen behind other ISPs. They have partnered with a number of cable and broadband providers as well to provide email services for those customers. Earthlink does not publish either connection or sending limits.

Important links and references

Postmaster pages

Earthlink has a small postmaster site to help people get unblocked.

Feedback loop

Earthlink does provide a feedback loop and early in 2013 opened the FBL to all providers, including ESPs. Signup is through email only.
Send email to
From Earthlink folks the email should:

  • Mention FBL or feedback loop in your subject to make sure it makes it through the filters.
  • Be sent in plain text only, and IPs in just a plain list if singles or in a plain list of valid CIDR ranges as appropriate.

The email itself should have

  1. The IP address(es) that you wish to receive reports on
  2. Email address you want ARF reports sent to
  3. Administrative contact email address
  4. Company name and information (address, phone number)


Earthlink does not provide a whitelist for senders.

Certification Services

Earthlink uses no known certification services as part of their mail delivery decisions.

Support for Senders

Earthlink does not provide much support for senders. They do provide some information for blocked users and a way to submit IPs for blocking.

Known spamfilters

Earthlink was an early adopter of Brightmail filters. They also run an extensive internal blocklist. Their sender advice page mentions the Spamhaus blocklist, the MAPS RBL, now part of the Trendmicro email reputation services, and the CBL, as places to check if you are blocked at Earthlink, but does not go so far as to specify that they are using those lists directly.


Updated 3/12/2014

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