M is the email division of 1 & 1 Mail and Media. was formerly Outblaze.

Delivering to

There is very little information available about delivering to domains hosted by

Important links and references

Postmaster pages provides a postmaster page for email senders.

Feedback loop does does not provide.

Whitelist does not offer a whitelist for senders.

Certification Services and other 1 & 1 domains use the Certified Senders Alliance whitelist in mail delivery decisions. Mail from IPs on the Certified Senders Alliance list are less likely to end up in the user’s spam folder.

Support for Senders provides sender support through their contact form.

Known spamfilters has not published any information about commercial spamfilters they may use. They do reserve the right to use external and third-party blocklists, but do not


Updated 3/13/2014

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