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United Online is a mailbox provider. They also manage the juno.com, bluelight.com, netzero.com and emailMyName.com domains.

Delivering to United Online

United Online is a free mail provider that purchased a number of other free mail and dialup providers in the early 2000s. They handle mail for all domains similarly. One thing to be aware of with United Online domains, is that when they block mail, they provide an encrypted string in the block. It is very important to have this string when addressing block issues. If you don’t have it, United Online really can’t do anything.

Important links and references

Postmaster pages

United Online provides postmaster pages as some support for senders.

Feedback loop

United Online provided a sort of FBL at one point. It wasn’t an ARF style FBL, they would just mail lists of addresses for removal to the FBL addresses. It was always sporadic and I am unable to find a link to sign up, so I’m going to say UOL does not provide a FBL.


United Online does have an internally managed whitelist. To signup visit their whitelist application.

Certification Services

United Online does not use any certification services.

Support for Senders

United Online provides an unblocking form for senders who are experiencing delivery issues.

Known spamfilters

United Online uses internal filters.


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