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e360 v. Comcast: part 1

A few weeks ago I very briefly touched on the recent lawsuits filed by e360 against Comcast and a group of anti-spammers. In the Comcast suit (complaint here) e360 argues that Comcast is unfairly and incorrectly blocking e360’s email and are liable for damages to e360’s business. They have a number of claims, including Comcast […]


e360… AGAIN

This time e360 is in court suing a number of individuals for calling him a spammer. Mickey has docs up on and Ken Magill has written about it as well. Dave has also responded to ReturnPath, through Ken, with a public letter explaining why his statement disagrees with ReturnPath’s statement about his acceptance into […]

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e360 in court again

Today’s edition of Magilla Marketing announced that Dave Linhardt and e360 have sued Comcast. has the text of the complaint up. On the surface this seems quite silly. e360 is alleging a number of things, including that Comcast is committing a denial of service attack against e360 and locking up e360’s servers for more […]

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Al Ralsky Indicted

Al Ralsky is a very prolific spammer and his name is well known among ISP abuse desks.  Along with 10 other people he was indicted today after a 2 year investigation by the Justice Department, according to an article published today by  the Detroit Free Press. U.S. Attorney Stephen J. Murphy said, “Today’s charges seek […]

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Useful websites

I’ve been working on a document discussing laws relevant to email delivery and have found some useful websites about laws in different countries. US Laws from the FTC website. European Union Laws from the European Law site. Two documents on United Kingdom Law from the Information Commissioner’s Office and the Data Protection Laws Canadian Laws […]

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7th circuit court ruling in e360 v. Spamhaus

Mickey has some commentary and the full ruling up on Spamsuite. In short the appeals court affirmed the default judgment, vacated the judgment on damages and remanded the case back to the lower court to determine appropriate damages. There are a couple bits of the ruling that stand out to me and that I think […]