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Protecting customer data

There have been a number of reports recently about customer lists leaking out through ESPs. In one case, the ESP attributed the leak to an outside hack. In other cases, the ESPs and companies involved have kept the information very quiet and not told anyone that data was leaked. People do notice, though, when they […]


How do unengaged recipients hurt delivery?

In the comments Ulrik asks: “How can unengaged recipients hurt delivery if they aren’t complaining? What feedback mechanism is there to hurt the the delivery rate besides that?” There are a number of things that ISPs are monitoring besides complaint rates, although they are being cautious about revealing what and how they are measuring things. […]


Reputation as measured by the ISPs

Part 3 in an ongoing series on campaign stats and measurements. In this installment, I will look a little closer at what other people are measuring about your email and how that affects your reputation at the ISPs. Part 1: Campaign Stats and Measurements Part 2: Measuring Open Rate Reputation at the ISPs is an […]


Palpable ennui

Put any group of senders together and the conversation invariably turns to discussions of how to get email delivered to the Inbox. There is an underlying flavor to most of these conversations that is quite sad. Many senders seem to believe that the delivery of their email is outside of their control and that since […]


Building a list for the long term

Mark Brownlow asks 2 key questions senders should be thinking about for their list building strategy for 2009. What do your emails offer that people can’t get from any other email list? If a competitor started offering the same content or similar offers, why would subscribers stay with your list? Discounts and coupons may generate […]

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Old lists have bad delivery

This is something we all know is true, and something that everyone believes. But, Mailchimp has actually published numbers demonstrating just how bad old lists are. Stats for the “Inactives” list (241,832 recipients): Spam Complaints: 43 Open Rate: 6% Click Rate: 2.4% (and 7,688 total clicks) Unsubscribes: 264 Bounces: 6,878 (2.8%) Stats for the “Actives” […]


Evaluating email

DJ posts the top 4 reasons an email campaign fails.

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Results based email marketing

Two articles showed up in my RSS feed in the last 24 articles that touched on different aspects of the same issue. Senders should improve their email marketing program even when they are working well. Stephanie Miller over at ReturnPath addresses the lost revenue from current programs. Consider that if we can earn a nearly […]

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Unsubscribe policies

Our local brewpub has an email list. For various reasons I have multiple addresses on the list and finally decided that getting 4 copies of each mailing was silly. About a week ago, I sent in unsubscribe requests for 3 of the addresses. Today I get another 4 copies of their mailing. That’s not good. […]


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