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Senders have always had challenges managing relationships with their ISPs. A few years ago, this meant knowing who to call when something went wrong, but in today’s world, it means knowing how to identify problems without ISP assistance. Word to the Wise works closely with major industry groups, ISP coalitions, and blocklists to help develop and evangelize best practices for ISP and industry relations.
As spam filters have gotten better and more sophisticated, ISPs don’t need smart, technical, talented and expensive human resources. Most ISPs have greatly scaled back their postmaster desks and rely on software to handle much of the blocking. When senders have trouble with delivery, they get stuck – they don’t think they are sending spam, but their ISPs are treating them like spammers, and there’s no one to call to resolve the issues.
We see similar challenges with filtering companies. As they deal with ESPs that aren’t resolving their customer spam problems, the major filtering companies like Spamcop and Cloudmark are letting ESPs know they’re simply not going to provide significant information to customers until those customers get serious about list hygiene and email best practices.
In today’s world, ISP and Industry Relations specialists need to know how to find data from different sources and use that data to identify blocking problems, as well as define and manage best practice policies for email program and list management. We provide a number of tools and resources on our ISP Information Pages, and are happy to consult with senders and ESPs to help with ISP Relations.
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