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SpamArrest Loses in Court

Internet law expert Eric Goldman points out that winning anti-spam lawsuits is hard. SpamArrest just learned that the hard way, he explains. If you weren’t aware, SpamArrest (whose website proclaims “SPAM ARREST WORKS!”) is a vendor of a Challenge/Response-based anti-spam filtering system. The way that works is, if you’re using a C/R-based system, any time […]


DMARC: Please Be Careful!

(Cross posted from Spam Resource.) Every couple of days, somebody new pops up on the DMARC-Discuss mailing list to ask some question or share an observation. It’s great to see people interested and joining the conversation. Clearly, DMARC interest and adoption are growing. What’s really frustrating, though, is that for about a quarter of the new subscribers, […]

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Bronto’s Chris Kolbenschlag frames the discussion well: He purchased from an online retailer, they assumed he wanted to receive followup emails, and thus, those emails did eventually commence. This is something I’ve had a lot of experience with. Working for an e-commerce service provider from later 2000 through mid 2006, I was the guy setting permission […]

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The FBI in my Inbox?

It’s alarming to read that, depending on whom you believe, the FBI feels it has the legal right to access your email messages without having to obtain a search warrant. I know I don’t have anything particularly damning in my personal email account, but it’s the principle of the matter that’s the problem. (And consider […]


Get reading for SMiShing?

I received my first phishing attempt via text message today. Apparently that’s called SMiShing, and it’s a thing. Sadly, I’m too busy to have the guy follow up with his promised phone call to try to get my Gmail password from me, but I did take a moment and report it to 7726, just in […]

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Image Hosting on a Different Domain?

Fridays are a busy day in the land of deliverability, so I don’t have a lot of time to come up with a specific post for today. But, I thought this might interest folks here — the other day, a client asked me about using CDNs (content delivery networks) to host HTML email content, and […]

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Spams, Scams, and Senders

Over on the Magill Report, Stephanie Colleton from Return Path shares her thoughts on how to tell whether or not an email message is legitimate. Let’s add to that some more thoughts from Return Path’s Lauren Soares. Then let’s add to that some of my own thoughts specifically for email senders. Every company sending email today […]

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Pump-and-dump Spam is Back!

Commtouch’s latest “Internet Threats Trend Report” suggests that penny stock spam has returned: Pump and dump spam, also known as penny stock spam, one of the most popular topics among spammers between 2006 and 2008, made a forceful comeback in Q1 after having all but disappeared in previous years. In March 2013, pump and dump […]


AOL Updates Spam Filtering

Over on the AOL Postmaster blog, Lili Crowley announced yesterday that AOL has made changes to their spam filtering system. Specifically, more senders may be subject to blocking with CON:B1 errors. AOL’s website explains that CON:B1 errors indicate that an IP address is being  blocked “due to a spike in unfavorable e-mail statistics.” This strongly […]


SMS Spam is Down?

Cloudmark says, yes, SMS gift card spam is down, thanks to recent action taken by the Federal Trade Commission. Read more over on PC World. I’m very glad to see this. I ended up on the list of one of those spammers and they were driving me nuts. Thank goodness for Google Voice’s report spam […]


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