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Feel good Friday

I’ve told myself I can’t stop working until I post. Sadly, I can’t think anything useful to post. It’s been one of those weeks where I had some tricky and complicated client issues to work through. I can think of a lot of things to say, but I don’t want co compromise any client information. […]

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Oops? Path Texts Man’s Entire Phonebook @ 6AM

(Hi! Al Iverson here. I’ll be guest blogging a bit while Laura and Steve are off dealing with stuff.) Over on the BRANDED3 blog, Search Strategist Stephen Kenwright shares how social network Path sent text messages to everybody in his address book, very early in the morning on Tuesday, telling everyone that he had shared […]

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What a week!

It has been quite an insane and busy week here. So I share with you what’s kept me going much of the week. Happy weekend. Next week I’ll have a multi-part series on confirming email addresses and some major companies trying to do the right thing with subscriptions, but failing. EDIT: Excuse any typos. Amelia […]

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Quick blog housekeeping

I’ve been getting a lot of comments on posts 2 and 3 years old. Most of them aren’t very valuable comments, so I decided to shut down commenting on any threads older than 2 months.

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I am, after all, a geek

Not email, but science is so cool. Living in the future: watching 2 different live streams – one on a laptop, one on a laptop streaming over the TV, while tweeting and face booking on another device and chatting in IRC.


Email without filters

… or Find the False Positive. Anyone sending a lot of email has complained about spam filters and false positives at some point. But most people haven’t run a mailbox with no spam filters in front of it in recent years, so don’t have much of a feel for what an unfiltered mailbox looks like, […]


Happy Thanksgiving

I’m still catching up from being out last week, so no blog post today. I do, however, have tart to share. Mostly. Sorta. We ate it all.



After 9 years of running Word to the Wise, we’re taking a vacation. A really-o, truly-o vacation that doesn’t involve stealing a couple days before a conference or business meeting or visiting family. Also no internet and no email. I’m not even taking my laptop (I am taking my iPad, but it’s an awesome game […]

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New Blog Design

After a little more than two years and 500 posts we thought it was time for a redesign of the Word to the Wise blog. While we were cleaning up the design we also fixed some functionality that was broken and added some new features: Everything should render cleanly in most any browser Search works! […]


Problems with Barracuda blocklist

Mickey documents a problem he encountered with the Barracuda blocklist and relisting happening after a delisting even when there was no mail being sent through the IP in question. I’ve not had much interaction with Barracuda or their blocklist so I don’t have many suggestions. If you have useful information, head over there and comment.

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  • AOL compromise

    Lots of reports today of a security problem at AOL where accounts are sending spam, or are being spoofed in spam runs or something. Details are hazy, but there seems to be quite a bit of noise surrounding this incident. AOL hasn't provided any information as of yet as to what is going on.4 Comments

  • ReturnPath on DMARC+Yahoo

    Over at ReturnPath Christine has an excellent non-technical summary of the DMARC+Yahoo situation, along with some solid recommendations for what actions you might take to avoid the operational problems it can cause.No Comments

  • AOL problems

    Lots of people are reporting ongoing (RTR:GE) messages from AOL today.  This indicates the AOL mail servers are having problems and can't accept mail. This has nothing to do with spam, filtering or malicious email. This is simply their servers aren't functioning as well as they should be and so AOL can't accept all the mail thrown at them. These types of blocks resolve themselves. 1 Comment