Changes at Comcast Postmaster

Two changes at the Comcast Postmaster page that I think are worthy of mentioning. They have set up a RSS feed for updates and changes. Visit and click on the RSS feed link in the right hand column. They have implemented changes in their unblocking script at . This form will only assist in unblocking if the error you received contains the error code BL000000. For all other blocks, please follow...

Comcast FBL open to the public

The Comcast FBL has been moved out of beta testing an into production. ISPs and senders can sign up for the FBL at
All of the applications are currently reviewed by hand, so there may be some delay as they deal with the launch rush. Please be patient. If you currently have a FBL through the beta program, you do not need to do anything, the FBL will continue.

Judge rules in e360 v. Comcast

Yesterday Judge Zagel ruled on Comcast’s motion for judgment on the pleadings. I think the tone of the ruling was clear in the first 3 sentences. Plaintiff e360Insight, LLC is a marketer. It refers to itself as an Internet marketing company. Some, perhaps even a majority of people in this country, would call it a spammer In the end, the judge ruled that Comcast has immunity for their...

e360 v. Comcast: part 4

Today I have a copy of the e360 briefing on Comcast’s motion for judgment on the pleadings. On a superficial level, the writing of e360’s lawyers not as clear or concise as that of the Comcast lawyers. When reading Comcast’s writings it is clear to me that the lawyers have a story to tell and it has a beginning, a middle and an end. They take the reader through the setup, then...

e360 v. Comcast: part 3

A couple weeks ago I posted about e360 suing Comcast. The short version is that e360 filed suit against Comcast to force Comcast to accept e360’s email. Comcast responded with a motion for judgment on the proceedings. This motion asked the judge to rule on e360’s case without going through the process of discovery or depositions or all the normal wrangling associated with a legal case...

e360 v. Comcast: part 2

Yesterday, I talked about e360 filing suit against Comcast. Earlier this week, Comcast responded to the original filing with some filings of their own. Response to the original complaint and affirmative defense. Motion for judgment on the proceedings Memo of law supporting the motion for judgment In this set of filings, Comcast argues that even if everything e360 says is true, they are doing...

e360 v. Comcast: part 1

A few weeks ago I very briefly touched on the recent lawsuits filed by e360 against Comcast and a group of anti-spammers. In the Comcast suit (complaint here) e360 argues that Comcast is unfairly and incorrectly blocking e360’s email and are liable for damages to e360’s business. They have a number of claims, including Comcast cannot block e360’s mail because it is CAN SPAM...

Comcast rate limiting

Russell from Port25 posted a comment on my earlier post about changes at Comcast.
Our (Port25) understanding is that Comcast is rate limiting such that they’re only accepting 6 recipients per second per sending IP.
This matches what I’ve been hearing from other bits of the industry over the last few days. I am recommending clients close the connection between each set of 6 email addresses.

SenderScore update

Matt has posted a bit more about the SenderScore Blacklist, following up on my post about the changes at Comcast. George Bilbrey, VP and General Manager, for Return Path followed up with him to explain a bit more about the blacklist. George says: The blacklist is based on more than the summary Sender Score on average, IPs on the blacklist have a score much, much less than 70. There is not a...

Changes at Comcast

I can usually tell when one of the ISPs makes some change to their incoming spam filtering just by my call volume. The past few weeks the ISP in most of my calls has been Comcast. And, what do you know, they have made changes to how they are filtering email. According to their bounce message, Comcast is using ReturnPath’s proprietary SenderScore product to filter mail. Reports on thresholds...

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