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Two changes at the Comcast Postmaster page that I think are worthy of mentioning.

  1. They have set up a RSS feed for updates and changes. Visit and click on the RSS feed link in the right hand column.
  2. They have implemented changes in their unblocking script at

This form will only assist in unblocking if the error you received contains the error code BL000000. For all other blocks, please follow the link contained within the error for more information. […] Please note that Comcast does limit the number of requests that can be made through the online form. We will not accept the same IP to be requested more than 5 times per day or for a requester to enter more than 20 IPs per day.

No more hammering hundreds of IPs into the forms to avoid blocks at Comcast. Sorry Spammers.

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  • Since I had to change my Server you regularly return 50/100 addresses mostly without clear reasons. Since you are dealing with Subscribers to my weekly messages I cannot understand what reason you have for rejecting them. Each one is given the address to both subscribe/unsubscribe so for what reason do you take your action. I have been doing it for some 11 years and never experienced a problem of this magnitude.
    I would be pleased to learn your reasons. Thank you. Mike Quinsey. Please note: My first name is spelt correctly in the Email address as “micheal”.

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