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Speaking to executives about deliverability

Exacttarget published a Deliverability whitepaper today. They interviewed a number of people around the email industry and asked them what they would tell C-level executives about email and email marketing. It’s well worth a read, particularly given there are at least two ISP representatives speaking out about what they think makes a good email marketing program. You’ll see many of...

Delivery Jobs

There are a couple companies currently looking for delivery specialists.
e-Dialog: Delivery Specialist
Responsys: Delivery Consultant
ThinData: Delivery & ISP Relations Analyst
ThinData: Privacy Analyst
Know anyone else hiring? Leave links in the comments.

Delivery Monitor Closing Down

Delivery Monitor by Aweber is one of the inbox monitoring services available for senders. Aweber has been in the process of winding down Delivery Monitor for the last few months and they will be turning the service off completely tomorrow. A lot of folks have asked me about replacements for Delivery Monitor. There are, of course, Return Path and Pivotal Veracity, but many of the smaller mailers I...

Delivery problems are not all spam related

Not every delivery failure is due to poor reputation or spam. Sometimes ISPs just have problems on their mailservers and so mail doesn’t get through. It’s often hard for delivery experts (and their bosses and their customers and their clients) to watch email delays or rejections without being able to do anything about it. Sometimes, though, there is nothing to do. The rejections are...

The good, the typical and the ugly

In the theme of the ongoing discussions about ESPs and their role in the email ecosystem, I thought I’d present some examples of how different ESPs work. The good ESPs are those that set and enforce higher standards than the ISPs. They invest money and time in both proactive and reactive policy enforcement. On Monday I’ll talk about these standards, and the benefits of implementing...

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