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SenderScore Certified expands

ReturnPath announced yesterday that SenderScore Certified now covers 1.2 billion inboxes, including mail handled by Hotmail, Time Warner Cable, GoDaddy and eventually Yahoo. A number of filters are also using SSC, including Spam Assassin, IronPort Systems, Barracuda Networks and Cloudmark.

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e360… AGAIN

This time e360 is in court suing a number of individuals for calling him a spammer. Mickey has docs up on and Ken Magill has written about it as well. Dave has also responded to ReturnPath, through Ken, with a public letter explaining why his statement disagrees with ReturnPath’s statement about his acceptance into […]

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Comcast rate limiting

Russell from Port25 posted a comment on my earlier post about changes at Comcast. Our (Port25) understanding is that Comcast is rate limiting such that they’re only accepting 6 recipients per second per sending IP. This matches what I’ve been hearing from other bits of the industry over the last few days. I am recommending […]

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AOL checking DKIM

Sources tell me that AOL announced on yesterday’s ESPC call that they are now, and have been for about a week, checking DKIM inbound. This fits with a conversation I had with one of the AOL delivery team a month or so back where they were asking me about what senders would be most concerned […]


Update on Yahoo and the PBL

Last week I requested details about Yahoo rejections for IPs pointing to the PBL when the IP was not on the PBL. A blog reader did provide me with extremely useful logs documenting the problem. Thank you! Based on my examination of the logs, this appears to be a problem only on some of the […]

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e360 in court again

Today’s edition of Magilla Marketing announced that Dave Linhardt and e360 have sued Comcast. has the text of the complaint up. On the surface this seems quite silly. e360 is alleging a number of things, including that Comcast is committing a denial of service attack against e360 and locking up e360’s servers for more […]

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AOL and AIM mail

Earlier this week a question came up on a mailing list. The questioner recently started seeing an increase in rejections to addresses. These rejections said <>: host[] said: 550 We would love to have gotten this email to But, your recipient never logged onto their free AIM Mail account. Please contact them […]


Why do ISPs limit emails per connection?

A few years ago it was “common knowledge” that if you were sending large amounts of email to an ISP the most polite way to do that, the way that would put the least load on the receiving mailserver, was to open a single SMTP session to the mailserver and then to send all the […]


PBL and Yahoo

A few days ago I posted about Yahoo using the Spamhaus lists. In the comments of that post there have been multiple reports of mail being bounced from Yahoo with a reason of “on the PBL” but the IP was not on the PBL. I am happy to look into this for people. I’m sure […]

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Do you know where your addresses go?

Being a deliverability consultant, I end up signing up for a lot of lists and providing email addresses to a lot of different websites I may not normally trust with my email address. The only way to manage the resulting volume of email is using a disposable address system. There are a number of commercial […]

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