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First amendment and spam

One common argument that spammers use to support their “right” to spam is that they have a first amendment right to free speech. My counter to this argument has always been that most networks are private and not government run and therefore there is no first amendment right involved. I have always hedged my bets with government offices, as these are technically government run and...

FBL updates

Roadrunner shifted the release date for their new FBL to December 14th.
Despite rumors, the Yahoo FBL is not actually accepting new participants.


Yesterday, on an ESPC call, Mike Adkins of AOL announced upcoming changes to the AOL reputation system. As part of these changes, AOL will be checking DKIM on the inbound. Best estimates are that this will be deployed in the first half of 2009, possibly in Q1. This is something AOL has been hinting at for most of 2008. As part of this, AOL has deployed an address where any sender can check the...

Two reasons not to buy a list

Ken Magill, celebrity, has two articles today that highlight the issue with buying lists from vendors. The first is yet another article about EmailAppenders selling bad data. In this case, it is not the buyers who are complaining. According to Ken EmailAppenders are sending out email advertising they can sell Internet Retailer’s list of 2008 conference attendees. Internet Retailer is disputing...


Yes, I finally succumbed to peer pressure and started twittering as wise_laura. Stop on by and introduce yourselves.

New AOL postmaster blog

AOL has their new postmaster blog up and running at . Today they announced new tools over there including a FBL checking tool and a block checking tool.

Gmail problems

Some people have been reporting problems with mail to gmail backing up. Steve has some information about the problem. I’m seeing comments in a few places that some gmail MXes (but not all) are tempfailing some pipelined SMTP transactions, which is causing mail being sent there by some smarthosts to back up. I don’t have details, but if you’re seeing “451 4.5.0 SMTP...

Bad Idea

My mailbox and IM windows have been swamped with messages about an ISP sending out mail to participants in their FBL program. It seems this particular ISP could use some delivery consulting. See, this ISP sent out emails with blocks of 50 – 75 email addresses in the To: line. Bad idea. Delivery wise, I do not expect that they had many delivery problems. In the copy I saw, most of the...

Go vote!

If you are a US citizen, do not forget to go vote today. This is it, the culmination of way too many months of politicking and campaigning. Be part of the finish.

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