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Blocking of ESPs

There’s been quite a bit of discussion on my post about upcoming changes that ESPs will be facing in the future. One thing some people read into the post is the idea that ISPs will be blocking ESPs wholesale without any regard for the quality of the mail from that company. The idea that ESPs […]


TWSD: evade blocks

Al Iverson has responded to one of the comments on my “Changes” post.

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AOL announces new postmaster pages

The new AOL postmaster pages are live at

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TWSD: keep spamming even when they say they'll stop

About a month ago I posted about receiving spam from a psychic attempting to sell me candles and stuff. The spammer was sending mail from a company called “Garden of Sound” using an ESP called OnLetterhead. A brief investigation led me to believe that unsubscribing from the mail was not going to do anything. The […]

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The coming changes

Yesterday I talked about how I’m hearing warnings of a coming paradigm shift in the email industry. While these changes will affect all sender, ESPs in particular are going to need to change how they interact with both ISPs and their customers. Currently, ESPs are able to act as “routine conveyers.” The traffic going across […]


ISPs are speaking, is anyone listening?

Lately I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot of quiet warning noises coming from ISPs and spam filtering companies about sender behaviour. I believe they’re forecasting changes in how ISPs treat commercial email and what new issues senders are going to have to negotiate. The short version is that commercial mail is a mixed bag. […]


AOL speaks about FBLs

Annalivia posts a guide to FBLs over on the AOL postmaster blog.

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Are you listening?

One of the more common complaints from senders is that ISPs won’t tell them what to do. Al Iverson takes this on in his post “Did you catch that?” He says: […] email service providers and marketers repeatedly [ask] for ISPs to tell them what the rules are. […] ISPs have been telling you what […]

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Earlier Laura talked about a communication gap between ESPs and ISPs. My take on it is that it’s something more than just a difficulty in communicating, rather it’s a division due to differences in personality and approach of those individuals whose primary interest is themselves and those whose primary interest is the health of the […]


The delivery communication gap

There seems to be a general uptick in the number of specific questions that ESPs and commercial senders are asking recently. I’m getting them from clients, and I’m hearing similar stories from my various contacts over on the ISP side. The questions cover a wide range of areas in email delivery, but the underlying issue […]


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