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Next week is M3AAWG 30 in San Francisco. We’ll be there and are very excited to see the familiar faces and meet new people.
I recently had someone ask me what would I recommend to someone going to their first M3AAWG conference. My recommendation to anyone in the sender or marketer space is to go to some of the talks that are not about email delivery. Go to the sessions that talk about malware or SMS or anything other than just email delivery. For anyone in the ISP space go to a session focused on mobile or email sending. Use this time to learn about something totally different than what you do every day.
Another question I get frequently from senders is if the people from the ISPs are open to sitting down and talking with senders about the senders’ email problems. Generally, the answer is no. Most of the time, the ISP has no knowledge of who you are and what mail you’re sending, so all they can say is “send me an email with the IPs and I’ll take a look at it.” That’s it.
We’ll be in the city starting Monday afternoon, and I always enjoy meeting readers. Stop by and introduce yourself.

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  • Thankfully, some ISPs / mailbox providers are opening up lines of communication. For instance, today Gmail announced their beta FBL for ESPs. And AOL is willing to investigate delivery issues for responsible white-hat ESPs. Two more reasons to send email via a trusted ESP vs. trying to send directly.

  • Maybe. The ISPs said absolutely nothing that was surprising. The “investigation” was more “making sure our process was working” and making sure your tickets are opened.
    These aren’t the types of communications people are asking me about. What people are asking me about is “will the ISPs let me ask them to troubleshoot my delivery at MAAWG.” The answer is no. And, quite honestly, I think more questions that were specific to a particular sender should have been shut down during the sessions.

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