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A few years ago I subscribed to a financial website that emails out articles about investing as well as a recap of your investments.  For the first few months I enjoyed reading these emails but as time went on, I found them less valuable and receiving them every other day they turned into a burden to clean up and deal with.
My options were to either unsubscribe or I could create a rule in Outlook to file away the emails to possibly read them later.
optionsWhat I would really like is the option to define how often I would receive the updates.  If I’m actively looking to change my investments, I would want to receive the emails daily.  I would also like to have the option for either a weekly or monthly email.
The frequency of mailings should be tailored to the subscriber. Buying a new car? I may want to see emails and reviews daily.  Just bought a new blender? I want to receive emails for the first few days learning about the different features and recipes. The idea is to present options to each subscriber on what they prefer.  It’s better to treat subscribers as individuals rather than sending the same message to your entire list.
The newsletter I was receiving does not provide me with any type of control over how many times I receive the updates. The newsletter is also lacking a working unsubscribe link leaving me no alternative to clicking “this is junk”.
Senders should consider providing recipients with options:

  • Provide the ability to pause a mailing for 30,60,120 days
  • Allow the recipient to limit the mailings to daily, weekly, or monthly updates
  • Ability to update and change their email address through a Email Preferences Center
  • Always include a clear and easy way to unsubscribe

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