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Google Postmaster is Back

Late last night folks started mentioning they were seeing data trickled into Google Postmaster tools. This morning, some of the domains for some of my clients are showing data.

Things aren’t fully back to normal, some of my clients are still showing no data for the last week. But things are getting back to normal and it looks like we will have older data.

More Google issues

Not necessarily more but more information about the current Google Postmaster Tools (GPT) outage. I’ve been reliably informed by folks inside Google that they’re aware of the outage and are working on it. I’ve been reliably informed by other folks in the industry that they have been told that there is an announcement coming about Google Postmaster Tools. That’s not a great...

I took a class

… but it’s not what you might think. A few months ago we bought a Victorian terrace built right around the turn of the 20th century. Our first inclination was to zip it up in as much insulation as we could to bring a 19th century house up to 21st century standards. Then we took a class. Photo credit: Pekka Nikrus The class was on how to live in and maintain your period home in Dublin...

New laptop, old reminder

I have a new laptop.

New OS (maybe this year will be the year of Linux on the Desktop?). New hardware problems. New applications. New keyboard layout.

New mail client.

It reminded me of another reason why you want to keep the email address in your From: consistent – it’s something some users will use to automatically load images, which is something you probably want.

Google problems

It’s been a bit of a problematic week for Google. In the last few days they’ve had a number of outages or problems across different services. There was a major outage of Google Calendar. All email, including some spam, was delivering to the primary tab instead of the correct tab. Additionally, Google postmaster tools hasn’t been updated in over a week. Google apparently blamed...

Barracuda update

The Barracuda twitter account has been very helpful and responsive to the issue. A few hours ago they tweeted that the problem should have been fixed. 1) Hi all, sorry to take so long to get the info. First, there was a routine transient spike in blacklisted IPs as part of the threat analysis process. It normally goes unnoticed. However in this case…— Barracuda Networks (@barracuda)...

Increase in Barracuda IP blocks

A number of folks are talking about a significant uptick in Barracuda IP blocks over the last few days. These blocks appear to be affecting wide ranges of IPs across multiple networks. Folks have been reaching out to Barracuda through their unblocking form. Many of them are not receiving answers, but some are getting answers that say they may be old listings, and there is no current data to...

Raising the standard

Last week news broke that Mailchimp had disconnected a number of anti-vaccination activists from their platform and banned anti-vax content. I applaud their decision and hope other companies will follow their lead in banning harmful content from their network. These kinds of decisions, where providers say you can’t do that on our network, are because these are private platforms. As I talked...


One of the things I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about lately is how we measure deliverability. Standard deliverability measurements include: opens, bounces, complaints, and clicks. There are also other tools like probe accounts, panel data, and public blocklists. Taken together these measurements and metrics give us an overall view of how our mail is doing. More and more...

End of an era

A few weeks ago, Return Path announced they were being purchased by Validity, who also own BrightVerify. Last week, they had a round of layoffs. According to sources inside the industry, Validity is closing the New York headquarters and Indianapolis offices and layoffs involved more than 170 staff members. Return Path has been a fixture in the deliverability space for years. While they...

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