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Using unique addresses for signups gives me the ability to track how well companies are protecting customer data. If only one company ever had an address, and it’s now getting spam or phishing mail, then that company has had a data breach. The challenge then becomes getting the evidence and details to the right people inside the […]

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Indictments in Yahoo data breach

Today the US government unsealed an indictment against 2 Russian agents and 2 hackers for breaking into Yahoo’s servers and stealing personal information. The information gathered during the hack was used to target government officials, security employees and private individuals. Email is so central to our online identity. Compromise an email account and you can […]

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Large companies (un?)knowingly hire spammers

This morning, CSO and MacKeeper published joint articles on a massive data leak from a marketing company. (Update: 2019: both articles are gone, a cached version of the CSOnline link is at  This company, River City Media (RCM), failed to put a password on their online backups sometime. This leaked all of the company’s data […]

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AOL admits to security breach

According to Reuters AOL has admitted there was a breach of their network security that compromised 2% of their accounts. Users are being told to reset their passwords, and security questions. AOL started investigating the attack after users started reporting an uptick in spam from addresses. This spam was using addresses to send mail […]

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The weak link in security

Terry Zink posts about the biggest problem with security: human errors. Everyone who is looking at security needs to think about the human factor. And how people can deliberately or accidentally subvert security.

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The Real Story

We’ve heard this story before. Someone gives an email address to a company. That company sends them email via an ESP for several years. Hackers break in to the ESP and steal a bunch of email addresses. The original address owner starts getting targeted and random spam to that email address. The reality is rarely […]

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MAAWG: Just keeps getting better

Last week was the 22nd meeting of the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG). While I am prohibited from talking about specifics because of the closed door nature of the group, I can say I came out of the conference exhausted (as usual) and energized (perhaps not as usual). The folks at MAAWG work hard and […]


New security focused services

Steve’s been busy this week working on some new products. You can see the first at Did Company Leak? This is a neat little hack that looks at social media reports to see if a there are reports of leaks, breaches or hacks and gives you a list of tweets that reference them. And, yes, […]

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Another kind of email breach

In all the recent discussions of email address thievery I’ve not seen anyone mention stealing addresses by abusing the legal system. And, yet, there’s at least one ambulance chasing lawyer that’s using email addresses that were never given to him by the recipients. Even worse, when asked about it he said that the courts told […]


Analysing a data breach – CheetahMail

I often find myself having to analyze volumes of email, looking for common factors, source addresses, URLs and so on as part of some “forensics” work, analyzing leaked emails or received spam for use as evidence in a case. For large volumes of mail where I might want to dig down in a lot of […]


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