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dDOS spreads to the CBL

Spamhaus has mostly mitigated the dDOS against the Spamhaus website and mailserver, but now the CBL is under attack. They have been working to get that under protection as well, but it’s taking some time. Right now there are no public channels for delisting from the CBL. The Spamhaus Blog will be updated as things […]

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Spamhaus under major dDOS

Late last night I, and a number of other folks, received mail from Spamhaus informing us of a major denial of service attack against their servers. The attack is so bad that the website and main mailserver is currently offline. DNS services, including rsync and the mirrors, are up and running. Spamhaus is working to […]


Spamhaus dDOS

I got mail late last night from one of the Spamhaus peeps telling me that they were under a distributed Denial of Service (dDOS) attack. This is affecting email. Incoming email is delayed and they’re having difficulty sending outgoing email. This is affecting their responses to delisting queries. They are working on mitigation and hopefully […]

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GFI/SORBS – a DDoS Intermezzo

Act 1 • Act 2 • Intermezzo • Act 3 • Act 4 • Act 5 Management Summary, Redistributable Documents and Links I’ve been stage-managing for a production of The Nutcracker this week, so musical terminology is on my mind. In opera, the intermezzo is a comedic interlude between acts of an opera series. This […]


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