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Yahoo suing lottery spammers

Yahoo filed suit against spammers using the Yahoo trademarks in lottery spam on May 19th.   

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$234M default judgment against spammers

MySpace has won a 234 million dollar judgment against Walt Rines and Sanford Wallace. “MySpace has zero tolerance for those who attempt to act illegally on our site,” [MySpace Chief Privacy officer] Nigam said in a statement. “We remain committed to punishing those who violate the law and try to harm our members.” These are […]

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FTC Rulemaking on CAN SPAM

The FTC announced today they will be publishing clarifications to CAN SPAM in the near future. According to the FTC The new rule provisions address four topics: (1) an e-mail recipient cannot be required to pay a fee, provide information other than his or her e-mail address and opt-out preferences, or take any steps other […]


Spammers in the news

Eddie Davidson was sentenced yesterday to 21 months in jail for falsifying headers and tax evasion. Sanford Wallace (the spammer that prompted me to start figuring out how to read headers) lost his suit with MySpace for failure to comply with court orders and failing to turn over documents. Scott and Steve Richter are in […]

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Legal filings this week

It has been one of those weeks here and there have been a couple legal things that have come up that I have not had the time to blog about. One is a post over on Eric Goldman’s blog by Ethan Ackerman discussing the Jeremy Jaynes case. It is quite an info heavy post, but […]

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Judge rules in e360 v. Comcast

Yesterday Judge Zagel ruled on Comcast’s motion for judgment on the pleadings. I think the tone of the ruling was clear in the first 3 sentences. Plaintiff e360Insight, LLC is a marketer. It refers to itself as an Internet marketing company. Some, perhaps even a majority of people in this country, would call it a […]


Email related laws

I’ve been working on a document discussing laws relevant to email delivery and have found some useful websites about laws in different countries. US Laws from the FTC website. European Union Laws from the European Law site. Two documents on United Kingdom Law from the Information Commissioner’s Office and the Data Protection Laws. Canadian Laws […]

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e360 v. Comcast: part 4

Today I have a copy of the e360 briefing on Comcast’s motion for judgment on the pleadings. On a superficial level, the writing of e360’s lawyers not as clear or concise as that of the Comcast lawyers. When reading Comcast’s writings it is clear to me that the lawyers have a story to tell and […]

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e360 v. Comcast: part 3

A couple weeks ago I posted about e360 suing Comcast. The short version is that e360 filed suit against Comcast to force Comcast to accept e360’s email. Comcast responded with a motion for judgment on the proceedings. This motion asked the judge to rule on e360’s case without going through the process of discovery or […]

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e360 v. Comcast: part 2

Yesterday, I talked about e360 filing suit against Comcast. Earlier this week, Comcast responded to the original filing with some filings of their own. Response to the original complaint and affirmative defense. Motion for judgment on the proceedings Memo of law supporting the motion for judgment In this set of filings, Comcast argues that even […]