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Holomaxx dismisses part of lawsuit

Ken announced yesterday that Holomaxx dropped their suits against Ironport and ReturnPath. Suits against Yahoo and Hotmail are still active. In the Yahoo case, there is a case management meeting on January 14th. In the Microsoft case, a response the complaint is due by December 17th. I’m not quite sure what happened to prompt this […]

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Updating SenderID records for Microsoft

In the past, bulk senders who wanted Microsoft to check SenderID had to email information to a special Microsoft address. Microsoft would then cache the senderID data from the sender’s DNS records and verify incoming email. Microsoft has simplified the process and now has a webform to submit the data.… In order to submit […]


ISP Postmaster sites

A number of ISPs have email information and postmaster sites available. I found myself compiling a list of them for a client today and thought that I would put up a list here. AOL: Juno/Netzero/UnitedOnline: MSN/Hotmail: RoadRunner: Spamcop: Yahoo:

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More on Truthout

Ken Magill comments on the reaction of to being blocked by AOL and Hotmail. I do agree with Al, if both AOL and Hotmail are blocking your email, then you’re doing something wrong.