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Apparently emailpocalypse is coming on Monday. That’s when Facebook is going to release their email platform (the one no one knows anything about) and it’s going to DESTROY EMAIL MARKETING AS WE KNOW IT. Are you ready? I think my favorite doom and gloom scenario is: Facebook will throw out the book on email deliverability […]


MAAWG: Not a Marketing Conference

There seems to be this great misunderstanding among a huge number of email marketers and delivery professionals that MAAWG is some sort of marketing or marketing related conference. They’re wrong. MAAWG is the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group. The intention of the group is to provide a setting where companies providing internet services can work together […]


Best practices: a meaningless term

Chad White wrote an article for MediaPost about best practices which parallels a lot of thinking I’ve been doing about how the email marketing industry treats best practices. After several conversations recently about “best practices,” I’m convinced that the term is now meaningless. It’s been bastardized in the same way that the definition of “spam” […]


Size isn't the only metric

MarketingSherpa has a case study up today about a company that took an aggressive stance on re-engagement that reduced their house list size by over 95%. While the size of the list went down, online sales doubled. The whole article is a lesson in how to do email right. They are sending relevant and engaging […]

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Comments on Holomaxx post

I’m putting together a longer analysis of the Holomaxx case that will look at the claims against the various defendants. There’s some deep mis-understanding of how various things works (hint: wiretapping? not so much). There was one comment from “The Other Barry” about complaints that I think bears highlighting. Silly people.  High complaints means filters […]

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Standing in the stadium

If you distill marketing down to its very essence what you find is everyone battling for a targets attention. Everything marketers do is to get “mindshare” or, in normal people terms, attention. The goal is to get people to remember your product over all the other products out there. Many email marketers seem to think […]


The myth of the low complaint rate

I have been reading the complaints filed by Holomaxx and will have some analysis and information about them probably Monday or Tuesday next week. I’ve been keeping an eye on the press and something that Ken Magill said caught my eye. Specifically, HolomaXx alleges, its Microsoft complaint rates have been consistently at or below 0.5 […]


Birthdays and World Series Parades

Steve whisked me away for a surprise birthday dinner and night in the city. Then we got caught in the crowds for the Giant’s parade and, well, no blogging yesterday or today. Back tomorrow.

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Email appending

Mickey talks about appending and why it’s not a good practice. There are a lot of companies out there who love using append strategies, and who find themselves changing email service providers three or four times a year — always hoping for “a bump in deliverability.”  I don’t think that there is any accident to […]

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