Back from MAAWG

Today is the first day back at work after a productive MAAWG conference.
The thing I get most out of MAAWG is a greater appreciation for what a large, global force messaging is. The recent protests and uprisings around the world have relied on messaging to organize, share information and communicate. Messaging is also somewhat fragile. Thing things that make it great for strangers to interact with one another also allows bad people and organizations to cause harm.
It is a struggle to minimize the harm while not hurting the good.
MAAWG is comprised of the people that make messaging work. These are folks that are on the front lines in the fight to stop online harm. It’s somewhat humbling to watch a conference full of really smart people, from all levels of responsibility, discuss ways to improve messaging for real users and real people while stopping the bad people. There are good ideas and bad ideas, but discussions are professional and informative. Plus it’s always good to see old friends and make new ones.
I inevitably come back from MAAWG with a load of things to do, new projects to take on and new ideas. This time I’m also looking forward to the publication of a document announced at the conference. The EastWest Institute’s Chief Technology Officer Karl Frederick Rauscher talked about a report they will be publishing next month talking about how China and the US are working together to fight spam.


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