User education doesn't work

A growing OSX security problem illustrates why user education is not the solution to virus, spam or malware problems.
HT: @briankrebs


  1. adamo says

    People find it hard to follow even the simplest of advice.User education fails at very early ages…

  2. Martijn Grooten says

    User education is certainly not the one solution that solves everything. Someone recently compared the tendency among people in IT security to blame every problem on lack of education with the tendency among many citizens to blame everything on the government.

  3. The Dave says

    How does this show us that user education doesn’t work? OSX users have been trained to not worry about security, now they’re starting to learn that error.
    More importantly, short of taking control away from users (see: iOS), there is no other solution. With root power comes root responsibility.
    (And yes, I own an un-jailbroken iPhone)


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