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Get a helmet

There’s been a lot of interesting reaction to Steve’s security post yesterday. A lot of people seem upset that we have pointed out one of the ways that ESPs may be getting compromised. Complaints range from the message being overly simplistic, through to complaints that we just don’t understand how much of an issue security […]


I know your customers' passwords

Go to your ESP customer login page and use “View Source” to look at the HTML (under “Page” on Internet Explorer, “Tools->Web Developer” on Firefox, and “View” on Safari). Go on, I’ll wait. Search for the word autocomplete. If it says something like autocomplete=”off” then your web developers have already thought about this security issue. […]


Browsers, security and paranoia

MAAWG is coming up and lots of us are working on documents, and presentations. One of the recent discussions is what kind of security recommendations, if any, should we be making. I posted a list of things including “Don’t browse the web with a machine running Windows.” Another participant told me he thought my recommendation […]


Rancid Slime and Email Marketing

Despite what some email marketers may tell you there are times when it’s really not appropriate to try and add someones email address to your list. I just opened a pot of yogurt and instead of a smooth, creamy dessert there was a sticky brown slurry dotted with firm white chunks – looking like hot-and-sour […]


Unsolicited feedback

Those of us in the email space often have opinions about volume and frequency and opt-in and everything involved in email marketing. What we don’t always have is the luxury of receiving unsolicited feedback from recipients. Every once in a while I find a post online that is that unsolicited feedback from someone. Today a […]

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Spamhaus rising?

Ken has a good article talking about how many ESPs have tightened their standards recently and are really hounding their customers to stop sending mail recipients don’t want and don’t like. Ken credits much of this change to Spamhaus and their new tools. Is their increased vigilance pissing you off? If so, your anger is […]


MAAWG travel alert

For those of you coming to the Bay Area for MAAWG and considering flying into Oakland, be aware the Bay Bridge will be closed in the Oakand -> San Francisco direction for all of President’s day weekend. BART is unaffected, but if you’re planning on driving from Oakland into the city, you’ll have to do […]

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What blogs are you reading besides mine?

It’s been a week. A very, very long week. Which means that at 4 on a Friday I’m grasping at straws for something interesting to write about. So I do what I do when I’m out of ideas, I look through the email related blogs I’m subscribed to. A bunch of them are still active, […]


Dear Email Address Occupant

There’s a great post over on CircleID from John Levine and his experience with a marketer sending mail to a spam trap. Apparently, some time back in 2002 someone opted in an address that didn’t belong to them to a marketing database. It may have been a hard to read scribble that was misread when […]

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What not to do

There’s a London concert promoter that’s been spamming our old sales address for 5 or 6 years now. I’ve sent in complaints, I’ve tried to unsubscribe, and the mail still keeps coming. They managed to get through my filters, again, this morning. In a fit of frustration I tweeted about how frustrated I was that […]

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