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Massimo Arrigoni has a great blog post up summarizing the final session of the EEC conference with representatives from major mailbox providers. This session a number of representatives from major mailbox providers spoke about what it takes to get to the inbox. They discussed what engagement really was, why you need to warmup and what the mailbox providers are measuring.
The short version is delivery is becoming more and more personalized. It’s not about if a mailbox provider thinks mail is spam, it’s about if a mailbox provider thinks this recipient thinks the mail will be spam. It’s all about connecting with each individual recipient.
None of this should be news to any of our regular readers. We’ve long talked about how ISPs measure things differently than senders. We’ve also talked about personalized delivery and how IP reputation isn’t the most important part of delivery.
Know your recipients. Make them want your mail and it will end up in the inbox. ‘
Edit: EmailCopilot also has more information on the ISP session at EEC.

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  • I found the post by Massimo very insightful. Having followed word to the wise for many years, there was fresh info in his blog post.
    Clicks don’t matter iro reputation, do not mind your Inactives staying on list and they will not hurt reputation or Deliverability for example.
    Mist definitely there was news in that blog post.

  • Kicking myself for not being able to make it to EEC this year, but very thankful for you sharing this post. Always a treat to hear from the mailbox providers themselves and hear information directly from the sources. Thanks Laura!

  • Andrew, there was nuance there that got lost.
    True, clicks aren’t measured by ISPs and they did say that inactives don’t directly hurt your reputation. However their definition of inactive is a few months, not years. Also when specifically asked they agreed that they do aggregate up the individual delivery decisions.
    In other words, don’t trust those that say “told you engagement doesn’t matter”. Those people are missing the details and some of them had left when the clarifications were made.

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