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Zurb announced today version 2 of “Foundation for Email”, a full stack for designing content for responsive email.
It looks rather nice, with features a modern web developer might look for when working on email content. It has many of the things you’d expect a web design stack to have. It support SASS for styling, includes browser sync for previewing content as it’s edited, both on a local browser and on a device, and uses gulp to tie the workflow together.
But it also has some features useful for email that you’d be unlikely to find in a web design stack. It has an inliner, to convert separate SASS/CSS and HTML content into a single HTML document suitable for sending by mail. And it supports a slightly extended HTML format called “Inky”, which lets you use simple tags like <row> and <column> to develop grid-based content, then compile those into old-school HTML tables which mail clients will happily render.
And it comes with ten starter templates for different types of email.
You can find documentation, downloads and examples here.

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  • Great content. I’ve been using some templates provided by my email autoresponder softwares..and I’m hoping to explore more creative options. Thank you for this great read.

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