Google accounts breached


Over 1 million Google accounts breached by Android malware.
There are some folks I know who really can’t understand why I stick with Apple over Android. The above issue is a big one. Doing what we do, security is a major consideration. I don’t need my accounts, or other accounts I have access to, compromised. It’s not that Apple is 100% compromise proof, but there are more checks and balances in the pipeline.
On the deliverability front, I had a recent interaction with someone from iCloud. This is a colleague I’ve worked with for years now, following him through multiple job changes. A client was having some delivery issues with a shared IP, so I was asking if he could send me some data to help track down the problem customer. I have a habit of asking for subject lines when I’m trying to get data. It’s usually enough for an ESP to track down the problem, and they’re not a way for folks to track down spamtraps or recipients. The answer I got back was sorry, they couldn’t give me any information at all, even something minor like a subject line.
Apple takes user privacy seriously and are doing a lot to protect their users. Does that mean I spend too much money on hardware I could buy cheaper? Perhaps. But, I’ll pay a little more to work with a company that puts privacy at the center of their product suite.

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  • I believe the choice to use a third party app store, which appears to be required for Gooligan, is deliberate on behalf of any user. It’s not something that the phone inflicts upon the user, and it’s not something that Google inflicts upon the phone either.
    Of course, with a tightly controlled ecosystem where third party app stores do not exist, the situation is different. So you’re basically saying that Apple has user security in mind first and foremost when creating a closed ecosystem and third party app stores do not exist, and conversely, that Google disregards security in the interest of allowing a certain degree of flexibility that makes it trivial for third party app stores to exist?
    (I am under the impression that third party app stores exist for iPhone too, even without jailbreaking the phone. Am I mistaken?)

  • Mmmm…
    Apple let images open automatically and let senders see IP and Useragent of opens automatically. They don’t provide FBL or “Postmaster Tools”.
    Google handle 100x inboxes (compared to Apple), they block images from “bad reputation senders” and anyway they proxy every image request in their email (basically hiding the “open action” with image block and preventing geolocation and device sniffing with the proxy). They give you a “Postmaster Tools” with aggregated data.
    How can we conclude that Apple is more concerned about Privacy than Google? IMO Apple is just more concerned about giving too much freedom to its users: this may be good for many people, but I can’t see how this relates to Privacy.
    So, I’m not saying that this prove Google is better than Apple with privacy, but it sounds a bit weird to use the way they deal with email to prove that Apple care more than Google about the privacy of its users.
    And like the previous message says, in order to get stolen data you had to root your phone and use a 3rd party store to download infected apps. You can probably do both with iPhone, but most people that like to have the “freedom” to do what they want with their phone will not buy an iPhone from start.
    And.. I have both an Android and an iPhone on my desk.

  • The last time I checked, an Apple phone had to be jail broken to access a 3rd party app store as you cannot do it out of the box. Google allows you to install 3rd party software on the phone even without rooting. Enabling your device as dev.
    Regarding Google handling more mailboxes, they have been doing it for much longer than Apple. Apple is not an “ISP” like Google. Yes they provide mailboxes but both have 2 different business models. Apples started doing devices way before Google did.

  • Postmaster tools is nothing super special. It is all aggregate data that has uses. Google still doesn’t provide a true feedbackloop for user complaints. This both has negative and positive points about not doing such. Apple provides “Postmaster Tools” depending on your definition of “Tools”.

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