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Cloudflare and Spamhaus

Spamhaus has been the subject of a lot of discussion the last few weeks. I touched on this a little in June when I blogged that a number of large brands were getting SBL listings. But big brands are not the only companies with publicly discussed SBL listings. Cloudflare, the content delivery network that grew […]


DNS Changer servers going offline

There are a whole host of different botnets. One botnet run by Rove Digital infected computers with viruses that changed their DNS settings, giving the botnet runners the ability to control how the infected computers viewed the Internet. The criminals behind the DNS Changer virus were arrested in November of last year. The court ordered […]


Browsers, security and paranoia

MAAWG is coming up and lots of us are working on documents, and presentations. One of the recent discussions is what kind of security recommendations, if any, should we be making. I posted a list of things including “Don’t browse the web with a machine running Windows.” Another participant told me he thought my recommendation […]


Clicktracking 2: Electric Boogaloo

A week or so back I talked about clicktracking links, and how to put them together to avoid abuse and blocking issues. Since then I’ve come across another issue with click tracking links that’s not terribly obvious, and that you’re not that likely to come across, but if you do get hit by it could […]

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